Bethany Church Sermons

Bethany Church Sermons

Bethany Church located in Bloomington, Minnesota has been around for over 75 years. These are the sermons preached each Sunday.

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    Living Generously - How Generosity Changes a Church

    Generosity is evidence of the Lord's grace working through his people. When a church is full of God's grace, it spills out on those around them, resulting in a wealth of generosity. When we commit our time, talents, and resources to the Lord, his grace provides everything we need to excel in every good work.

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    Driven by Generosity

    Jesus repeatedly taught that you can't both serve money and God. You are ultimately devoted to one.
    The PURSUIT of treasure on Earth leads man to destruction.

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    Living Generously - The Weightier Matters

    Jesus had many pointed confrontations with the Pharisees (religious sect of Judaism) during his ministry. In Matthew 23:24 Jesus describes their problem as not paying attention to the “weightier matters” of “justice, mercy, and faithfulness”. Somehow, they managed to be zealous about observance the mosaic law and yet missed the whole purpose at its heart. Are we any different? How can we avoid this type of hypocrisy?

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    The Koinonia of Communion

    Communion is an essential component of the local church gathering. The theology of many church traditions causes them to put a much higher value on the practice of communion than most evangelical church expressions. In 1 Corinthians 10 Paul draws a parallel between the sacrifices of the Old Testament, Pagan sacrifices in Corinth, and the New Testament practice of communion. His teaching gives us insight into the real depth of “Koinonia” we can find with God and one another through the practice of communion.

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    Growing into Maturity - The Process of Discipleship

    In many people's religious experience, their initial belief in Jesus for salvation is the culmination of their entire faith journey. But Jesus tells us that truly being disciples is more than that. It means doing everything he taught and teaching others to do the same. The initial moment of believing in Christ is not the finish line, but the doorway into a life full of meaning, purpose, and eternal participation in the work of God's kingdom. As we seek to grow as disciples of Jesus, it quickly becomes apparent that we need each other to truly grow in Christ. God's design for us to walk this out together is the local church.

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    Corporate Worship

    The church that does not sing is not really the church. Corporate worship in singing is one of the essential ministries of the gathered church. The scriptures command us repeatedly to "sing to the Lord". In Ephesians 5 the Apostle Paul gives us some specifics as to the function and importance of singing together in worship to the Lord.

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    Church leadership is one of the unique marks of a local church. The New Testament provides us with an example of leadership that consists of a plurality of Elders with no one person at the top, except for Jesus Christ. This plurality of elders is given specific qualifiations and roles for how to lead the church in being faithful in the mission of spreading the glory of God to their local community and throughout the world.

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    Preaching has always been one of the primary ways God speaks to His people. God commands that His Word be preached. God's will is for us to experience Him in preaching so that people are born again, sanctifed, and strengthened to persevere in the faith.

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    Gospel Centered Community

    The first time the gospel was preached by the early church, it had a profound and life-altering impact on those who heard. In light of their repentance and baptism, those first believers in Christ knew that they couldn't go back to life as usual. There was a sense of "what now?" once the gospel had shaken their world. Thus, the first Christian community was formed in Jerusalem, a community that we can still look back on to

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    Build Your House Upon the Rock

    This week we wrap up our "Summer on the Mount" sermon series with a message on Jesus concluding instruction, "build your house upon the rock"

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