Bethany Church Sermons

Bethany Church Sermons

Bethany Church located in Bloomington, Minnesota has been around for over 75 years. These are the sermons preached each Sunday.

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    Opening Your Gift

    God has given us the gifts of the Spirit to build up the body of Christ. This includes the nine gifts found in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 known as the sign gifts. The sign gifts are a powerful way God works through us to show his power, knowledge, and love to the world. God has made these gifts available to the church today, and we can learn to recognize them and use them for His glory.

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    Growing Together - Timeless Practices for Passing on the Faith

    When Moses and his generation pass away, Joshua picks up where he left off. Sadly, after Joshua passes, the people adandon the Lord and turn to idolatry. What happened? Rescent research shows there are several practices among all youth who are "resilient disciples". These timeless practices were just as effective in Moses day as they are in ours. The scriptures indicate Moses succeeded in these where Joshua failed.

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    Growing Together - "What's in Your Hands?"

    Service is not just something we do: it's who we are. Just as Jesus came to serve rather than be served, we are never more like him than when we take on the nature of a servant. The church thrives through every member knowing their gift, functioning in their role, and building one another up in love. The question that can help us start to step out in our role is "what is in my hands?"

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    John 1 - Christmas Eve Meditation

    This year it seems like there is an increased discussion in the media and among people about the anxiety and depression that surrounds the Christmas season for many who have experienced grief and other difficulties. In tonight's meditation we take a look and John chapter 1 and think about the incarnation of Christ and practices that help quell the anxieties we face.

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    Redemption is Greater than Suffering

    Naomi’s despair paled in comparison to what she gained. Although the loss of her husband and two sons was devastating, God restored through Boaz and Ruth not only another son, but ultimately brought forth the greatest king Israel had ever known. What neither Naomi nor the author of Ruth knew was that God himself would come to earth through her line, being himself the redeemer for all mankind. Through Christ, humanity’s eternal despair is transformed into eternal hope.

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    Ruth 3 - Rest and Redemption in Ruth

    God uses Boaz to provide rest and redemption to Ruth, a vulnerable woman from a despised nation. God wants to use His people as instruments of righteousness and redemption in a crooked generation, just as Boaz and Ruth were during the period of the judges.

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    Ruth 2 - In the Waiting

    Often times we find ourselves in seasons of confusion and difficulty much like Ruth and Boaz. In this morning's short meditation from Ruth 2 we look at Ruth and Boaz to see how they exemplified some the important things we should do during those seasons of life.

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